Valentine's Day - Limited edition collection

The beautiful Limited Edition Valentine's Day collection is now available for purchase!

The lovely Valentine’s Day is a welcomed occasion and reminder to celebrate the love for someone you care about. It may be your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or someone else that you want to consider for this special occasion. A nice and durable symbol in the form of a beautiful piece of jewellery gives the bearer happiness and excitement every single day of the year. It can be a piece of jewellery in polished silver, gold plated silver, or it can be jewellery in 10 karat gold or 18 karat gold. Indeed, you may also choose to celebrate this day with a ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace, a pendant or a bracelet, depending on whom you wish to consider your own special Valentine.

Needless to say, a heart is the most obvious symbol connected to Valentine’s Day. A piece of jewellery set with a heart is beautiful and moving. At Carré we have beautiful pendants in 18 karat gold set with Sapphire hearts. The Sapphire hearts come in many different shades within the pink, light blue and yellow color scales. These beautiful gemstones are hand picked for their individual beauty and we choose Sapphires that haven’t undergone heat treatment. This means that they retain the exact color in which nature created them.

Our Queen of Hearts collection in 18 karat gold has delicate hidden hearts that create a beautiful and symbol ridden facade under the faceted gemstone, which conveys a hidden message for Valentine’s Day. The jewellery in this collection is set with lovely Bolivian Amethysts in lavender colours, beautiful milky Aquamarines, adorable pastel coloured Rose Quartz or sparkling London Blue Topaz. In The Queen of Hearts collection you find rings set with gemstones in several different sizes, as well as matching earrings and pendants. This makes it possible to curate a beautiful set of jewellery for the recipient, and to give a new piece of Jewellery from the collection at any given occasion.

Gemstones set in a piece of Jewellery for Valentine’s Day can be a symbol in and of itself, as every gemstone has its very own symbolism. A certain colour can also add a very special meaning to the person giving a gift as well as the person receiving a gift. It can be a pair of earrings set with gemstones that complement the colour of the recipient’s eyes. It can be a ring set with the recipient’s favourite gemstone, or it can be a bracelet that matches well with the recipient’s other bracelets.

Gemstones in a pink nuance is an obvious gift idea for Valentine’s day. Rose Quartz is one of our most favoured gemstones with its lovely delicate nuance. Our Jewellery with Rose Quartz comes in silver, gold plated silver or 18 karat gold. Are you looking for a specific gemstone or colour, you can find it by making your selections under our ‘gemstone’ and ‘colour’ filters in the filtration menu. This way you can easily find the piece of jewellery that fits the occasion and the person that you wish to consider just right.

A piece of Jewellery for Valentine’s day can be precious and value-laden or it can be a subtle reminder of love and care. A bracelet in polished silver or gold plated silver set with beautiful gemstones from the Archive collection comes with countless different gemstones – as a single type of gemstone in one bracelet, or as different gemstones all the way around. These bracelets are absolute Carré classics, and have been a favourite item since Carré was founded in 1991.
In the name of tradition, we throw a Valentine’s Day contest where you can win a piece of jewellery for someone dear to you whom you wish to consider. In this way we wish to promote awareness around the act of creating happiness and concern for the ones we hold dear. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

Every piece of Carré Jewellery is nicely wrapped in a pretty box. It adds something extra to the experience of opening a gift if it is beautifully wrapped, and as a means of practicality, the jewellery box can be kept and used to store the jewellery so it stays nice and shiny. A Jewellery box is also useful when on the go – to bring a pair of party earrings to wear on a night out after a long day of work, or when bringing jewellery in your luggage for holiday or travels.

Good luck on finding one or several beautiful pieces of Jewellery to celebrate with on Valentine’s Day!

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