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Tiger's eye belongs to the beloved quartz family. It is a gemstone associated with strength and courage, just like the majestic tiger. Every gemstone has a unique appearance, displaying different variations of stripes. Wear your tigers eye gemstone out in the sun and admire how the golden and brown colours glisten. Read on, if you would like to know more about the charming tigers eye! ♡ Shiri 

The spiritual qualities for tiger's eye include: Strength, courage, endurance and focus. Tiger's eye is said to be a powerful gemstone that encourages decision making. This gemstone is thought to fuel its wearer with courage and patience. These qualities make the beautiful tiger's eye a great gemstone for solving problems. 

The ancient Egyptians associated the tigers eye with the gods for sun and land, Ra and Geb. Tiger's eye gemstones were often used to decorate the eyes of ancient Egyptian statues.  

Tigers eye is a part of the quartz family. Its wonderful layers of brown colours occur when the element iron is present during the formation of the gemstone. Tigers eye can display the optical phenomenon, chatoyancy, occurring as a stripe of reflected light across the surface of the gemstone. This gemstone is categorized at 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, along with the rest of the gemstones in the quartz family. The tigers eye can be sourced in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Australia, Namibia, Myanmar, India and the US. 

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