The smokey quartz is a fine and characteristic gemstone. Its mystical colour varies in nuances of brown and grey-brown. A smokey quartz in a faceted cut displays its depth and allows the dark gemstone to sparkle, while a cabochon cut elegantly softens the expression of the gemstone and exhibits its veil of smoke across its surface. Read on, if you would like to know more about the mysterious smokey quartz! ♡ Shiri

The spiritual qualities of the smokey quartz include: Tranquillity, relief, cleansing and stability. Smokey quartz is considered to be a gemstone that relieves and detoxifies the mind, creating a sense of stability while leaving fears behind. This gemstone is said to light up the dark, generating positivity in its surroundings.

During the 12th century in China, smokey quartz was used to make lenses for sunglasses which were worn by judges to hide their facial expressions. The Chinese also carved the gemstone into beautiful snuff bottles. Smokey quartz is considered to be the national gemstone of Scotland, and a large sphere of smokey quartz can be found in the sceptre of the Scottish Crown Jewels.

An ancient Indian legend tells the story of a cup made entirely out of smokey quartz, with the ability to cure any disease when drinking from it.

Smoky quartz is the grey-brown variety of the quartz family and is composed of silicon and oxygen. Its colour occurs when impurities of aluminium are activated by natural radiation. Like the other members of the quartz family, the gemstone is categorized at 7 on the Mohs' scale of hardness. Deposits of smokey quartz are found in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Australia, the US, Scotland and Switzerland.

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