”I love gemstones! With gemstones I aspire to create feminine jewellery that inspire, surprise and seduce.”

”I have two piercings in each ear and most often have earrings hanging from all of them. Gemstones look incredible side by side and make the jewellery less formal and more eye-catching. I frequently choose to wear pearls in one of my ears, as they have a classic and exclusive expression. The gemstones beside them add a colourful and personalized spark.”

”I combine the beautiful colours of the Rainbow ear studs with the pearls from the Rainbow collection. It looks incredibly elegant to place the pearls directly on the ear studs, so they cover the ear lobes. I wear the Rainbow hoops with either pearls or the small colourful pendants. At times, I will combine the pearls and the small pendants on the same hoop. I will also wear them asymmetrically, so my ears have different looks. I have several piercings in my ears, which allow me to wear the Rainbow ear studs as colourful hard candy placed along my ear in combination with hoops or pearls.”

❤ Shiri
– Founder & Creative Director of Carré Jewellery

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