Sapphire belongs to the corundum family alongside with the ruby. The sapphire has its name from the Greek word “sapheiros”, meaning blue. While most people recognise it for its classic blue colour, sapphire occurs in a beautiful array of colours including purple, pink, yellow, green and colourless. Read on, if you would like to know more about the precious sapphire! ♡ Shiri

Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September. A piece of fine jewellery set with one of the lovely colours of the sapphire is an amazing gift idea for someone born in the month of September. Wearing the gemstone assigned to the month of your birth is said to bring good luck.

Jewellery set with sapphires is customarily gifted on the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary. As there are multiple colour varieties of the sapphire, you will be assured to find the right piece of sapphire jewellery for the one you adore.

The spiritual qualities of the sapphire include: Wisdom, truth, loyalty, serenity, luck, independence and love. This beloved gemstone is ideal for keeping concentration, as it is said to provide insight, mental clarity and peace of mind. However, the sapphire is equally connected with warm feelings of love and happiness. Some also believe that the sapphire brings prosperity and enables you to fulfil your desires.

The precious sapphire has been favoured by royals through centuries. For instance, the British crown jewels are adorned with multiple large blue sapphires. Extraordinary sapphires have also been centrepieces for famous engagement rings, such as the one gifted to Lady Diana by Prince Charles and the one gifted to Empress Josephine by Napoleon.

The sapphire has been treasured around the world and is surrounded by various folklores and myths. In ancient Persia, it was told that the sky attained its blue colour from the reflection of sapphires on Earth, while in ancient Rome and Greece it was believed that the sapphire had the ability to protect its wearer from harm. During the middle ages, sapphires were also believed to be an effective antidote against poisons.

Just like the ruby, sapphires of all colours originate from the mineral corundum. Which colour the sapphire takes, is determined by the presence of other elements such as vanadium, iron and titanium. The colours span in ranges of blue, purple, pink, green and yellow. Some sapphires have the ability to display an optical phenomenon such as an asterism, also known as a star. It can also exhibit chatoyancy, also known as cat eye effect. The sapphire is categorized at 9 on the Mohs' scale of hardness, making the gemstone only slightly softer than the diamond. Some of the most important sources of sapphires can be found in Thailand, Australia, China, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and the USA.

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