Rose quartz is the rose coloured variety of the quartz family. Its gorgeous colour ranges in different nuances of soft pink. Surrounded by tales of love and romance, the rose quartz is a meaningful gemstone favoured by many. The rose quartz is a highly versatile gemstone, looking incredibly elegant in every size and cut. Read on, if you would like to know more about the delicate rose quartz! ♡ Shiri

The gorgeous rose quartz is traditionally gifted on the 5th wedding anniversary. As this gemstone is often linked with feelings of love and romance, a stunning piece of jewellery set with this delightful rose coloured gemstone makes an ideal romantic gift for your chosen one.

The spiritual qualities of the rose quartz include: unconditional love, romance, self-love and comfort. Rose quartz is widely known as the stone of love. The wonderful gemstone is considered to promote love for others, as well as for oneself. As the rose quartz is also said to represent tranquillity and kindness, it is an ideal gemstone to soften the mind. Some also consider rose quartz to be able to remove environmental pollution.

In Iraq, beads made of rose quartz were discovered in the area formerly known as Mesopotamia, dating the use of this gemstone back 7000 years BC. Also, rose quartz was allegedly considered a beautifying gemstone by ancient Egyptian women, as they believed it to prevent ageing.

In an ancient Greek legend, it is told that Adonis, the lover of the Goddess Aphrodite, was attacked by the God of war, Ares. Rushing to his aid, Aphrodite cut herself on a briar bush and her blood mixed with Adonis, dripping onto a piece of colourless quartz and leaving it stained with a rose hue. As the God Zeus decided to bring Adonis back to Aphrodite for 6 months each year, the rose quartz became a symbol of reawakened love.

The rose quartz is the pink variety of the quartz family, and its colour varies within a spectrum of rose colours, from pale to deep pink nuances. Like other members of the quartz family, the gemstone is categorized on a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Sources of rose quartz can be found in Madagascar, Brazil, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

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