The name of the peridot is French, but is derived from the Arabic word “faridat”, meaning gem. The peridot has always been linked with the sun. This makes it the perfect birthstone for the month of August, as you can enjoy how it’s golden green colour plays with the rays of the late Summer sunlight. Read on, if you would like to know more about the lovely peridot! ♡ Shiri

Peridot is the birthstone assigned to the month of August and represents the zodiac sign of Libra. A wonderful piece of jewellery set with the birthstone of the wearer will be a meaningful gift, as it is said to bring good fortune when wearing the gemstone assigned to the month of your birth.

Peridot is customarily gifted on the 16th wedding anniversary. As the peridot is an elegant yet striking gemstone, a gorgeous piece of peridot jewellery will make a very special gift for your loved one.

The spiritual qualities of the peridot include: healing, new beginnings, purity, intuition and comfort. Peridot is a good “detox” gemstone, in the sense that it is said to hold soothing and relaxing energies, which enables you to let go of negative feelings like jealousy and resentment. Peridot is also a suitable gemstone for healing and motivates development and change.

Peridot mining can be traced all the way back to 1500 B.C. To the ancient Egyptians, the peridot was known as “the gem of the sun” and was often used as beads. Allegedly, Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was very fond of this particular gemstone. Large amounts of peridots were brought in to Europe during the Crusades and can be found set as ornaments in numerous religious objects, while jewellery set with the peridot grew popular in Europe during the late 1800s.

The golden green peridot has always been associated with the sun. In some cultures, it was said to hold the ability to keep away evil spirits and spells as well as protect its wearer from night terrors.

Peridot is a member of the olivine mineral family. Pure olivine is colourless, but when iron is present during the formation of the mineral, the peridot acquires its golden green colour. The intensity of this colour is decided by the amount of iron, as the peridot gets darker the more iron it holds. The shades can range from pale yellow-green to dark green, leaning towards brown. Peridot is categorized on a 6.5-7 on the Mohs' scale of hardness. The peridot is mainly sourced on the Egyptian island Zabargad, Myanmar, USA, Norway, Brazil, Australia, and Pakistan.

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