Pearl is the wonderful treasure of seas and rivers and is the only gem created by a living animal. Pearl is the birthstone of June and can be found in various shapes, sizes and colours. The pearl is an ancient gem, which has been worn and greatly treasured by mankind through history. In relation to jewellery, I find the white and grey freshwater pearl both incredibly beautiful and versatile, as they can look elegant alone, but is elevated by the presence of colourful gemstones. Pearls thrive best when worn regularly, as the natural oil from the skin helps maintain their luster. Read on, if you would like to know more about the magnificent pearl! ♡ Shiri

Pearl is the birthstone assigned to the month of June. As this month has two birthstones, the pearl is joined by the wonderful moonstone. A fine piece of silver or gold jewellery set with one of the lovely varieties of pearl makes an excellent personalized gift for a loved one, born in the month of June.

Jewellery set with pearl is typically gifted on the 3rd and 30th wedding anniversary. Pearl jewellery makes for a classy and timeless gift for a special occasion such as an anniversary or a birthday.

The spiritual features of the pearl includes: honesty, integrity, wisdom, faith and purity. The lovely pearl is a gem of sincerity and truth. As the pearl is said to assist in keeping a focused mind, it will make a wonderful partner when facing pressured situations.

The earliest written documentation of pearls dates back to 2206 B.C. from the hand of a Chinese historian. Through time, the pearl has been adored as a symbol of wealth and luxury in large parts of the world. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra allegedly drank a large pearl dissolved into wine, in order to display her wealth. Iconic women who have held a fascination of beautiful pearls include: Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy and Coco Chanel who have all worn incredibly precious pearl jewellery.

In ancient China it was told that pearls were formed inside the heads of dragons. Pearl allegedly became a symbol of bravery, considering the fact that a dragon would have to be slain, in order to possess them. When pearls were found in the ocean, it was told that dragons had been fighting in the sky and dropped them into the water. Another Chinese lore also suggests that pearls could be worn as a safeguard against fire and the fiery breath of dragons.

Freshwater pearls occur naturally when an irritant, such as a grain of sand or a small animal, enters the inside of the mussel and it starts to coat it with nacre, in order to protect itself. However, the majority of all freshwater pearls today are cultured at pearl farms, meaning that irritants, which are usually pieces of tissue, are intentionally inserted into the mussel in order for it to create pearls. The pearls can be harvested 12-18 months later, and one single mussel can produce several pearls at a time. The most common shapes of freshwater pearls are round, nearly round, oval and baroque, while the colours are usually within shade spectres of white, cream, grey, pink and lavender. Pearls are categorized on a 2.5-3 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

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