Opal is the birthstone of October and has its name from the word “opalus”, meaning ‘to see a change in colour’. This gemstone occurs in numerous colours, however, my most darling varieties are the pink and white opal. The white opal is partly composed of water, trapped inside the stone, giving it its unique play of colour. The pink opal does not enjoy the same reflective quality as the white opal but is granted a creamy pink hue Read on, if you would like to know more about the magical opal! ♡ Shiri

Opal is the birthstone assigned to the month of October along with the tourmaline. A fine piece of jewellery set with one of the beautiful varieties of opal, will make a wonderful personalized gift for someone born in the month of October.

The stunning opal is traditionally gifted on the 14th wedding anniversary. Jewellery set with the pink opal makes a perfect gift for someone who enjoys a soft romantic expression, while jewellery adorned with the white opal is bound to enchant the receiver with its reflections of rainbow colours.

The spiritual qualities of the opal include: Creativity, freedom, love, fidelity and awareness. The opal is a great ally, as it has been said to help its holder to let go of negative emotions. Opal is said to hold a freeing quality, which allows you to release your inhibitions while stimulating creativity and self-expression. Opal is also a gemstone associated with love – especially the pink opal is assumed to have a good influence on relationships.

In the early 1800s, the novel “Anne of Geierstein” gave the opal the unfortunate reputation of being unlucky, as the novel connected the gemstone to tragedy. However, this reputation was restored in the mid-1800s, as Queen Victoria and her daughters wore remarkable jewellery pieces set with opals, which made the precious stone fashionable around the world. The opal spiked in popularity once again, during the art nouveau and art deco periods of the early 1900s, and various intricate jewellery pieces were adorned with beautiful opals.

According to lores and legends, the opal has been considered to possess many different mystical properties. In ancient Greece, opal was believed to provide supernatural abilities such as foresight, and it was told that the gemstone would offer protection from diseases, while in Rome, the opal symbolized hope and love. In Arab cultures, the opal was believed to originate from flashes of lightning.

Opals are made of hydrated silica mineral and can contain up to 20% water. The gemstone attains its colourful reflective quality from its densely packed layers of silica, and is categorized on 5-6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. More than 90 % of opals are formed in Australia, but can also be found in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and the USA.

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