Lemon quartz is an incredibly beautiful citrus yellow gemstone and I find it truly delighting to let the light play in its facets. The lemon quartz is known for its lovely green undertone, distinguishing it from the citrine, which has an orange undertone. Lemon quartz has also been given the name “Ouro Verde”, meaning “green gold” in Portuguese. Read on, if you would like to know more about the sparkling lemon quartz! ♡ Shiri

The spiritual qualities of the lemon quartz include: abundance, clarity, empowerment and courage. The lemon quartz is considered to be an empowering gemstone which clears the mind and helps decision making. Some also believe this beautiful gemstone to be a highly valuable companion when needing to overcome obstacles. Lemon quartz is thought to be a stone that promotes happiness, wealth and luck.

Quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen and its lemon colour is caused by impurities of iron during the formation of the quartz, tinting the gemstone yellow. Like the other members of the quartz family, the lemon quartz is categorized at 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Deposits of lemon quartz can be found mainly in Brazil.

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