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Kyanite is a very distinctive gemstone, with its unique layers of colour. Its name originates from the Greek word, ”kyanos”, meaning ”blue”. One single gemstone often displays multiple lovely shades of blue with white streaks, adding a certain complexity and depth. Read more, if you would like to know more about the beautiful kyanite! ♡ Shiri 

The spiritual qualities of the kyanite include: Logic, balance, tranquillity and communication. This gorgeous gemstone is said to inspire calm and balance, making it excellent for meditation and relaxation. As the kyanite is also linked with logical thinking and clear communication, it is a wonderful gemstone to wear for job interviews or in exam situations. Some also consider the kyanite to be a cleansing gemstone, that enables you to clear up any confusion. 

An ancient legend tells that it was thought, kyanite would be drawn by the magnetic force of the Earth like a compass needle. It was believed that when bringing kyanite along when travelling, it could be suspended from a strand of hair, to act as a guide on during long journeys. 

Kyanite is composed of aluminium and silicon. This gemstone can be found in colours of blue, grey, green, brown, orange and colourless. However, the blue kyanite the most well-known. Blue kyanite often displays various colours of blue with white streaks running through the gemstone. Its transparency varies from semi-clear to clear. Kyanite is quite unusual, when determining its hardness, as one axis of the gemstone is harder than the other. On one axis it is categorized at 5, while it is categorized at 7 on the other. Kyanite can be sourced in Myanmar, Brazil, Kenya, the USA, Scotland, Austria and Switzerland. 

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