”I have known Maternity since their beginning 15 years ago. When I was presented with the opportunity to collaborate with Maternity, it was an obvious decision for me to design a piece of jewellery to align with the work of Maternity.I have worked with jewellery for 28 years. In my experience, a piece of jewellery is often linked with symbolism, joy and wonderful memories. In this case, I had to connect a message to a simple piece of jewellery, representing a strong symbol of the work of Maternity Foundation. I drew the piece as a small letter.

A letter has a sender and a receiver. A symbolism I found important, as the jewellery can be given to another person, sending a lasting with wish or thought.

LIV, which means life in danish, is a word that awakens emotions and associations. Giving the jewellery to yourself can be a private statement, celebrating the most important thing we have and give. Life. For me, engraving the word LIV with my own handwriting meant that I put a piece of myself into the project. Our experience with the LIV bracelet is, that many women put great personal symbolism into gifting the bracelet to their daughter or daughters, friends or others connected to their own private symbolism, resonating with the word LIV. For them, the symbolism can be connected to both happiness and grief.

The fact, that we succeeded to collect over 100.000 DKK to Maternity is a great satisfaction. I think the piece of jewellery has become significantly larger than its physical appearance. This is why we are proud to present the follower of the LIV bracelet. I hope the LIV necklace will continue to represent great personal meaning and simultaneously contribute to the important work of Maternity in countries that are less safe in relation to giving life than we do in our home country.

Thank you.”

- Shiri Rosenzweig, Founder & Creative Director of Carré

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