The product we create is distinctly feminine. In the actual design process, therefore, Shiri finds it natural to use prominent female personalities as her inspiration.
Elizabeth Taylor, who, especially in her younger days, was able to wear luxurious, enormous diamonds in a unique, quasi-Bohemian way, has been – and remains – a great model for much of our jewellery, including the Souvenir
bracelet. Karen Blixen's dark, dramatic universe set the scene notably for the "Romance – No Thanks!" collection in dark, oxidised silver.
The many fascinating cultures and ideas which Shiri Haugbøl brings home from her travels all over the world also add their imput to the drawing board and the shops, and serve as a source of inspiration for detailing, decoration and colour selection.
Last but not least, as a company, we are proud of our past, so we consider it a point of honour to regularly re-launch Carré classics with new combinations of gemstones
or new detailing.
The recurrent theme of Carré design, therefore, is the sentimental, colourful and richly detailed, blended with the desire to seduce, attract attention and add sparkle
to everyday life.
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