The gorgeous chrome diopside holds an impressive, sparkling green colour. Due to its vivid colour and its connection to the intellect, chrome diopside can be a truly empowering gemstone to wear. I find, that a facet cut chrome diopside displays its light so beautifully, the gemstone can appear nearly glowing. Read on, if you would like to know more about the stunning chrome diopside! ♡ Shiri 

The spiritual qualities of the chrome diopside include: Learning, intellect, empowerment and commitment. The wonderful chrome diopside is said to strengthen both intellectual and analytical abilities. This gemstone is an ideal gemstone to wear when starting new projects, as it is said to support you to learn new things and commit. Some also believe the chrome diopside to soften up stubbornness. 

In some ancient cultures, the chrome diopside was believed to have dropped from the tree of life. This led the gemstone, to often be placed in graves to assure renewal of life for the dead. 

Chrome diopside consists of calcium magnesium and silicate. It is a transparent gemstone, ranging in wonderful colours from dark green to vivid green. Its green colour is caused when the element chromium is present during the formation of the gemstone and is categorized at 5-6 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The chrome diopside is sourced in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Finland, Austria, Italy, Tanzania, Madagascar, India and Myanmar. 

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