The carnelian is fittingly named after the cornel cherry, as it displays the same lovely orange-red colour. This strong gemstone is often associated with confidence and determination, and a gorgeous piece of jewellery set with a large carnelian will make an empowering statement. Read on, if you would like to know more about the stunning carnelian! ♡ Shiri

The spiritual qualities of the carnelian include: Warmth, will-power, individuality and self-esteem. Carnelian is a gemstone associated with dynamic properties, as it is said to charge its wearer with vitality and motivation. The carnelian is thought to inspire good choices and strengthen perseverance. This gemstone is also strongly linked with courage, which makes it the perfect support for believing in yourself.

In ancient Rome, the carnelian was commonly used in signet rings and was used for sealing letters, as the wax would not stick to the gemstone. This gemstone has also been described to hold significant meaning in both Christianity and Islam.

In ancient Egypt, the carnelian was put on mummies, the gemstone was believed to help them on their passage to the afterlife. The carnelian has frequently been described to be associated with blood, likely because of its red colour. It was told, that the gemstone could stop bleeding and purify the blood. Folklore also suggests that the carnelian was once believed to ease anger and bad temper.

Carnelian is made of chalcedony, which consists of microscopic crystals of quartz, making this gemstone a part of the quartz family. Its colour can range in shades of orange, orange-red and red. This colour is caused by the presence of iron oxide during the formation of the gemstone, and some carnelians display beautiful bands of varying colours. Carnelian is categorized at 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness and is sourced in Brazil, Uruguay, India and Madagascar.

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